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Essential Beard Products You Should Have

For many, beards are a quintessential component of masculinity. However, as the bearded look has regained popularity over the past decade, beard maintenance has become a much more complex process.

To obtain your ideal beard, there are some products you should have and steps you should add to your regimen. So, if you're thinking of growing a beard—or want to grow a better one, here's a list of what you should invest in to obtain maximum beardiness.

Beard Oil

Beard oil softens your whiskers and treats + prevent itchiness. Beard oils are nutrient-rich and hydrate the skin underneath the beard especially during winter. Try Babel Alchemy's "Black Box" Grooming Kit. It comes with a bottle of premium Beard Oil (with a choice from one of 4 oils) that reach the skin and absorb quickly.

Beard Balm

Balm is necessary for styling and sculpting since it contains natural butter and waxes. It coats your hair and sits atop the skin like a moisturizer, which serves as protection against cold winds and dry air. Babel Alchemy's Sweet Tea Tree Beard Balm is our go-to for a soft styling product.

If you're looking for a more rigid styling product with higher hold, you may aim for a Beard Wax. Beards requiring strong hold tend to do well with the Sweet Tea Tree Beard Balm layered with Seven Potions Beard Wax for a soft, full and highly styled finish.

Beard Comb

Some make the mistake of dismissing beard combs as unnecessary. When you use a comb, products like oils and balms can absorb more easily into your hair because a comb separates and straightens the individual hair strands, while also pulling the product throughout - not to mention that a comb helps tame and style fuller beards. When picking out a comb, look out for one that is handmade. Babel Alchemy's Pear-Wood Beard Comb when used in a downward direction helps train beard strands to grow in a downward direction.

Grooming Scissors

The usefulness of scissors can never be overrated. They are essential for beard maintenance, especially shaping around the mustache and keeping the hair around the jawline and cheekbones tight. Your pair of scissors is a handy resource for maintaining and grooming your beard all year long.

Beard Wash

This is another essential resource whose usefulness can never be over-emphasized. A beard wash is as important as your hair shampoo: It flushes away all the excess oil, grime and product buildup that accumulates around the beard.  It keeps the hair on your face clean so that those hairs can better absorb other beard products. It's important to find a product that is specifically formulated for your beard. Head shampoo will result in an over dried and unruly beard. Try our Mint Pistol Beard Wash. It invigorates with tea tree and peppermint, which gives you a relaxing and therapeutic cooling effect. 

Pro Tip: Heated Beard Comb

An experienced beardsman will reccommend a beard straightener or heated comb. There are plenty on the market that have been giving men disappointing results globally. A good heated beard styling tool will have long enough tines to comb through long strands, while still offering close enough contact for the heat to work on shorter hair. We have an awesome wireless beard straightening tool. It's perfect for the man on-the-go. Tame your wild beard in the back of a cab or at the office when you're pinched for time. It's also safe for use on head hair.


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