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Interesting Facts Beard Facts

Beside keeping men everywhere ruggedly handsome, beards have some cool scientific benefits as well. Beards as a fashion statement have been around a while.

It's thought that our prehistoric ancestors grew beards for warmth and protection.

In the early 1600s beards made a bold fashion statement for aristocrats.

And today, well, beards are just plain sexy.

Here are 15 amazing beard facts that you’ve probably never heard of before.

Bearded Man with Information about beards

  • Before a battle taking place on September 30, 331 BBC, Alexander the Great forced his army to shave off their beards. According to Plutarch, an ancient historian, Alexander said: “Don’t you know that in battles there is nothing handier to grasp than a beard."


  • Your beards offer your face protection when you're out in the sun. They serve as built-in sunscreens. A study conducted by the University of Southern Queensland found that beards offer 90% to 95% protection from harmful UV rays.


  • In Ancient Rome, beards were used to distinguish people of different philosophical schools of thought. Just by glancing at a man, you could tell what philosophical notions he stood behind.

Ancient Rome at Dusk


  • There is an Australian Band called “The Beards” and they've come out with about 40 songs. Funny enough, all songs have to do with beards.


  • Scientists have discovered a relationship between beard growth and baldness. If you can grow a great beard then you're more likely to become bald.


  • Pogonophobia means phobia for beards. Some people are terrified whenever they spot a beard. Scientists have discovered that Pogonophobia is usually caused by negative experiences.


  • Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill from the band ZZ Top have reported that the famous razor brand, Gilette, offered them 1 million dollars to shave off their iconic beards for a promotional event but they turned down the offer.

Razor blades for shaving beards

  • The Rock once wore a beard made of testicle hair for the film, Hercules. When filming Hercules, Dwayne Johnson agreed to wear a beard made out of yak testicle hair. (Note: this is not recommended for anyone for any reason)


  • During the time of Peter The Great, Russian noblemen who chose to wear beards during Peter's reign had to pay an imposed tax on their beards. They had to pay a price to carry around a beard license.


  • Another word for shaving is Pogonotomy.


  • 11-year-old Grace Bedell from New York wrote a letter to President Lincoln to convince him of growing a beard. She suggested that his appearance would benefit immensely from growing one.

Abraham Abe Licoln with a Beard


  • Before he was condemned and hanged for treason by King Henry VIII, Sir Thomas More pushed his beard aside claiming his beard, “hath not offended the king.” So apparently, beards can't commit treason.


  • The average man spends around 800 hours (33 days) of his life tending to his beard. The average man also spends around 1000 hours (45 days) on shaving.


  • Women prefer men with full beards and heavy stubble to more clean-shaven men. 


  • In ancient Egypt, Pharaohs were known to wear false gold beards.

So, now that you have a bunch of useless beard knowledge. You're welcome.



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