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Where To Start: The Beginners Guide To Beardom

bewhiskered beard care - where to start when growing a beard

In this age and time, beards are gaining popularity. A man with a well-groomed beard tends to command attention in public. Men and women alike acknowledge the unique masculinity and jawline definition that beards offer. 

Read on as we will discuss where to begin with growing and maintaining an attractive beard. 


The shape of your face matters. The first thing you should consider is the beard style that fits the unique shape of your face. To make it easier, go through pictures of bearded men with the same shape of the face as yours. 

Look, we love beards. All of them. The long stubble as well as the full beard. In all honesty, some men look better with long stubble or medium length beard rather than a full beard. See what compliments your bone structure and go from there.

Stop Shaving!

This is the first tip you will get from any established beardsman. 'Nuff said.

Embrace Patience

Patience is a virtue. Remember the words of Eric Windross; “be patient, it won’t grow into an amazing beard overnight, don’t get the razor out because it’s not grown to Viking level length in few weeks.”

bewhiskered beard care shaping beard perimeter

Maintain Beard Perimeter

Maintain neck and cheek lines. This will help you control growth and style. You can use a beard-stenciling tool to draw the lines. Essentially, shaping and maintaining your beard perimeter will define the shape and give you a polished finish.

Personal Wellbeing

There are other factors associated with growing beards. All of which will help you in the growth process. Hell, they'll also help you live a healthy lifestyle.

Food – Protein is the main hair builder with a healthy combo of oil and fats too. You can eat food like eggs, seafood, yogurt, nuts, and chicken. Don't forget to add Vitamins.

Exercise – This gets your body in shape, pumps blood, and improves metabolism. Exercise sends hair growth-stimulating nutrients to the face. Moderate exercise, like cycling and jogging, will do. You can also enhance beard growth by boosting your testosterone through high-intensity exercise.

Sleep – Sleep increases the level of growth hormone in the body causing cell-reproduction and hair growth to double or triple.

bewhiskered beard care beard wash


This is a crucial part of growing beards.  To avoid looking like a wolf or an imprisoned Viking, your beard needs looking after. Don’t worry; it it won't be a lot of work.

Washing – Use a beard wash 1-2 times a week. Washing removes dirt and breaks down product buildup.

Hydrating – the daily application of beard oil will keep the beard moisturized and prevent dandruff.

Styling – Scrape a small amount of beard balm onto your hands, rub between palms, and work through your beard and mustache. Start from the root, and out to the tips. 

Combing – if you don't want to look like a crazy inventor, shape and style with a broad-based comb or brush. Combing your beard downwards trains the hair to grow in the right direction.

bewhiskered beard care beard grooming scissors

Trimming And Shaping

This is another part of beard maintenance.  Trimming your beard becomes essential to prevent annoying, out of place wild hairs. See your barber or get your hands on a great pair of beard trimming scissors.

Try New Styles

Once you have some growth to play with, test beard styles to find what compliments your face and personal preferences. 


Good luck!


Be kind. Be well. 

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